the ease with which you can google image archives derisively framing black people and justifying captivity/underpay/ underemployment/ predatory debt/ demotion/ lock-up and all sorts of other schemes that under-develop, our communities exceeds by a power of ten the media age of even my youth in the 90’s… but ain’t nothing new in America and where its digital signals meet antenna. Without black peoples bodies out of which to abstract value and without the misfiguration of these bodies to justify the order, there wouldn’t be an order. SN: I’m in my bag because when I googled my favorite artist of all time James Brown, the first image they show is him in jail with his hair all over and the first video is him drunk on TV.

sneak attacks by night.

silent unmanned airplanes

fly over the horizon.


loud explosion shakes everything to its core

and fresh springs of blood

open for thirsty vampires.

Untitled by Janaya (13 yo) and Huewayne Watson of Real Revolution

Vicky Lost in the Forrest- by Vicky (8yo) and Quinn (15yo) of Real Revolution Philadelphia

don’t feel like owning nothing in America. (a poem)

i don’t feel like I can own nothing in amerikkka. real property in stolen earth? Fences to tame it into parcels that go to the highest bidder when it’s up and waste away in plain sight through the geometric patterns of the chain-link fence when it’s down.

 don’t feel like owning nothing in america. my grandmother’s grandmother was for sale. and the same bank that charge me fines, is harassing me about money I had to borrow from some subsidiary to pay for school, to fucking read and write, and it’s the same one who  beat my grandma in her head with some mom and pop pop-up looking shit that charges 300 percent interest. they used to mark us up and now they mark up our food when they bet wrong on their dice up there where pretty soon the hurricanes they make stronger goina wash them away. 

Don’t feel like owning nothing in America.

Youth of Real Revolution talking about their upcoming summer program.

those who possess the power to label people who don’t go along with the flow of modern global capitalism and its antecedents as “crazy” possess some of the greatest power to derail our efforts at reimagining the world and our relations with it and with each other. based on science, medicine, and the various disciplines that model themselves after those traditions (including the one I am a part of, history) they can lock away our greatest assets , those people whose imaginary worlds aren’t/weren’t delimited by the tight strictures of rationality to the literal asylum or to the dustbins of the past.

On this day in 1945, one of the world’s great rebels was born. His sounds, born out of the infusion of the Blues aesthetic with distinctly Jamaican musical and protest traditions, not only have provided a sonic backdrop for black and third world protest, but actually helped to animate and unite these efforts across the African diaspora and beyond. Nesta Robert “Bob” Marley Presente!

i want to dispel the myth that obama is a lazy president.  he is hard at work signing off on drone attacks and building a new base in Niger from which to launch attacks across the African continent. busy indeed increasing rather than reducing harm, at the same time that he tries to consolidate his power by passing gun legislation to reduce violence? smh

we didn’t need “global warming” to know that capitalism is an environmental disaster. plantations were modern ecological disasters in their own right, even if the effects were more localized. then as now, the bodies of those who resided in the most vulnerable positions at the bottom, the Wretched of the Earth, showed the clearest signs of how fucked all this shit was/is. and us wretched have a tradition of environmentalism not beholden to the creation of new markets and which thus is in radical contrast to the buy green consumerist bullshit we get left with when we believe hybrids and wholefoods are the way forward. we need lots more historical work that recalls these histories and their power

City block, west philly. shot by kyale harris of real revolution.

roommates. alex painting, wayne mirroring, and my feet. shot by me

Portrait of Jameere. Shot by Kyale Harris of Real Revolution, West Philly.